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A Reflection on Stomping Out the Darkness: Chapter 1

Hey, everyone! Sorry that I've been a bit lazy these days to keep the blog up and running. Today, I've decided to do a reflection on the first chapter of   Stomping Out The Darkness, a Christian book which is authored by Neil Anderson and Dave Park . Here's a quick summary. Neil takes over this chapter, jumping to action immediately. He tells you to imagine that it's the first day of the school year. You skid into the your preassigned chair a split second after the tardy bell, and the teacher stands up. She says, "I want all of you to introduce yourself to the class. She tells the class that she will be starting from the latest to the earliest and points a gnarled finger at you. "Who are you?" she yips. You say your name loud enough for the whole room to hear. She says, "Wrong. That's your name. Who are you?" You start to sweat. "I'm the student body president." "Wrong again, that's what you do." You say your

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