This is my friend, Kuya Kevin

Hello! This is my friend named, Kuya Kevin.  This was taken today at church after the service.Kuya Kevin is 6 years old.  I am 4 years old.  It was already past lunch time and it was already 1 o' clock and then I was playing chairs slide. We were climbing up stacked chairs and then jumping from one stack of chairs to another and then sliding down and jumped off the last stack of chair and then there was another chair that was stacked already and we were playing there again and it was a cool, fun game!  

And then Papa was telling the kids to eat because it was already past lunch time already.  They were not eating yet because the girl was gonna eat at home. And Laarni and her mother live in the room because that's their house.  Then we left already and then we ate at Hot Rocks. 

This is the juice that looks like blood that we ordered from Hot Rocks. We ate and we drank cold water also.  And then after we ate at Hot Rocks we went home. 


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