Book Report: Seven Wonders Series Book 1: The Colossus Rises

Hello once again!
I'm doing another book report,
this time on a new bestselling
series, the Seven Wonders Series'
first book, The Colossus Rises.

The Current Seven Wonders Books
(All of these books were written by Peter Lerangis.)

Book 1: The Colossus Rises

Book 2: Lost in Babylon

Book 3: The Tomb of Shadows

Book 4: The Curse of The King

Book 5: The Legend of The Rift
(Not Available as ebook or book yet.)

The Seven Wonders Journals
(I say again, all these books are written by Peter Lerangis.)

The Key

The Select

The Orphan


The Map of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World

Plot, Setting, and Summary

Jack McKinley is a 13-year old boy whose mother is believed and is legally dead and whose father is always away on business trips. For him, life is boring, pointless, and  every day is pressing the REPLAY button on life's movie player. But all will change for our protagonist, that is, if he lives to tell the tale.

The Lambda
The story starts in Bellville, Indana as the thirteen-year old Jack McKinley wakes up from a nightmare to hear their neighbor, an always barefoot giant man known as Red Beard, whom, obviously, is known to have a red beard, and let me get to the point, burp very loudly due to a very lousy breakfast. Then he jumps from his bed, fully awake, only to be hit at the back of his head by his Ugliosaurus/griffin alarm which he made himself and usually hit the wall and as Jack says, he'd have to be dead not to hear the noise. So he got a nasty cut on his head, jumping onto his feet and screaming, and being embarrassed by screaming loudly enough for the other neighbors in their houses to hear  and sitting back down on his bed, only to have his butt connect to the sharp tip of the Ugliosaurus' wing, and so he screamed (again.)  So then he began to prepare for school and noticed on the back of his head, a weird Greek letter (called a lambda)   and it was in grey hair!

Karai Institute Flag
So he went to school, ignoring the lambda and saw the school bully, Barry Reese and told him that he would give him his homework (They had an agreement) if he stopped bullying a new classmate named Josh or George or whatever. Anyway, everything was a blur from then and suddenly he collapsed, only t Jaco wake up shortly and see himself in Belleville Hospital flatlining, and he suddenly sees Red Beard working for Jack's new doctor. Then he wakes up in a weird but undetectable by any means island in Karai Institute, where he is escorted by a 14-year old boy named Marco Ramsay from Ohio, to the KI interrogation room. So he talks to Professor Radamanthus Bhegad, or P. Beg, as Marco calls Professor Bhegad, and tries to flee.

The Loculus of  Flight
So Professor Bhegad explained everything to Jack: that Marco and another two people in the institute had the lambda on the back of their heads: Cass Williams and Aly Black. And the professor explained that it was because of a gene called G7W, that came from the royal family line of  Atlantis. Bhegad said that it opened up a part of the brain called the ceresacrum, and that gives you superpowers (No X-ray vision. Its radioactivity would wreak havoc in your brain). He says that if the ceresacrum's gate is opened too quickly, which is exactly what G7W does, it will overpower the brain's circuits, many more dangerous stuff, resulting in death at the age or before the age of 14. Bhegad also says that kids with G7W are called The Select.

So now the Select have to go get the 7 orbs that power Atlantis known as the Loculi, singular Loculus, each of them in secret passages in each of the the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World, to make the G7W open the ceresacrum slowly. So Jack consented, believing some of it was some mean joke. That night, Cass sent Jack a coded message saying, "Meet me in Marco's room. Three A.M. we run away." Jack was happy to get away from KI, so the escape went well until they took a rowboat to the ocean and the boat turned over. Aly was due for a treatment and almost died and drowned, but thanks to the KI's submarine, the Select were saved.

Then they went on a mission to Mt. Onyx, the island's volcano, once the center, literally once the center of Atlantis, to go through a maze and find the place where the Loculi had to be placed, then it is powerful enough to make a rift through time. Jack accidentally opened the rift, then closed it, after unknowingly letting a griffin come out and terrorize KI headquarters. So the Select try to hold of the griffin attack, only to let Cass get kidnapped by the griffin for food to eat when he gets hungry on the trip to get the Loculus of Flight in Rhodes.

What I think about this book

This book is really cool! Genes, sicknesses, Atlantis, time rifts, and many more! There's a lot stuff here that is way past cool! As Rick Riordan says, "A high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets." I apologize for the cliffhanger ending of the summary. I have spent many an hour on this post. Thank you for reading this blog post. And, one more thing. Kids out there, always remember that reading is a very good source of knowledge.


  1. Good job Jed! I'm sure your family is so proud of you!


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