Book Report: Artemis Fowl Book 8: The Last Guardian

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The Artemis Fowl Series

Book 1: Artemis Fowl
Book 2: Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
Book 3: Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
Book 4: Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Book 5: Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
Book 6: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox
Book 7: Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex
Book 8: Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian
 (This is the book I'm doing a report on now.)
The Artemis Fowl Files


The Language in Artemis Fowl
In each of these books, Artemis speaks Gnommish, the first language in all time and the Fairy tongue. Except for the time in Book 3 where he did not manage to get his memories back yet from the mind wipe in the end of Book 3.


Plot, Setting, and Summary

Eriu, A.K.A. Fowl Estate; Present Day

The Berserker Gate had been locked for ten thousand years. The Berserkers were fading away, most of them already gave way to the fairy afterlife. They longed for human blood once more. They were eager to be freed from their tombs and possess humans and corpses. Their leader, Oro Shaydova sens out a thought to the other Berserker ghosts.

Dr. J. Argon's Office, The J. Argon Clinic, Haven City, The Lower Elements; Present Day

Artemis was having his last rehabilitation from the Atlantis Complex. He was shown a card and the doctor asked him to describe its picture, and typically, Artemis was correct. He strode out of the office, walked past Butler, toward Opal Koboi's clone, Nopal, a cruel play between Opal and no pal.  Holly was there too. She received a call from Foaly, telling her that there was a Koboi sighting. She, Butler, and Artemis are summoned to LEP Commander Trouble Kelp's office. They are threatened by two gnomes to release the Present Opal Koboi, or they will be forced to kill the Past Opal. They talk for a bit, to stall them and put the imprisoned Opal in a nuclear reactor to stop Opal from exploding when the younger Opal is killed. For when younger Opal is killed, everything she made 5 years earlier will explode. 

Artemis and Holly ride on Butler's enormous back toward the Tara shuttleport and ride the Silver Cupid to the surface of the planet, barely escaping with their lives. They Find Opal, a more powerful one, unlocking the first lock of the Berserker Gate, whereas awakening the Berserkers and becoming the mistress of the undead warriors. They are saved by Mulch Diggums once again by making them fall into the cave he tunneled, also sealing the cave opening. They go through a secret passage going to the manor's wine cellar and eliminate the scouting Berserker warriors, and turn on the manor's defense systems onto the siege setting.

The three send Mulch back to the ruins of the Silver Cupid to get some weaponry, and he meets a troll who, is smart, and obeys him like a troll of the Troll Riders. Back at the Fowl Manor, Artemis devises a plan to use his plane, a super-efficient Cessna equipped with a super laser,  to blast the Berserker Gate and destroy it forever. Then the remaining Berserker scouts hijack the plane, by stealing the battery. Then Holly, Artemis, and Butler, go to the plane, and discovered what happened, Artemis sad he could air-start the plane if they get enough altitude, and they saw Mulch riding the troll he met, and so disabled the warriors, and pushed the Cessna downhill. Mulch emptied the contents of his stomach, propelling the plane toward the sky, and their plane crashed on the driveway of the manor.

What I think about this book

The book is touching, because it shows the restart of a journey, due to a person who started as a criminal mastermind to a person who would sacrifice himself for a good cause. And that person is Artemis Fowl Jr., a good friend and a child prodigy. I am sorry for the summary's cliffhanger ending. Parents, remember to buy books for your kids. And, other kids who are reading this, remember that reading is a good source of knowledge. See you next time!


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