Book Report: Artemis Fowl Book 4: The Opal Deception

What's up? I'm doing another book report on another Artemis Fowl Book!
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The Artemis Fowl Series Books

Book 1. Artemis Fowl
Book 2. Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident
Book 3. Artemis Fowl and The Eternity Code 
Book 4. Artemis Fowl and The Opal Deception (This is the book I am doing a report on now.)
Book 5. Artemis Fowl and The Lost Colony
Book 6. Artemis Fowl and The Time Paradox
Book . Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex
Book 8. Artemis Fowl and The Last Guardian
The Artemis Fowl Files
The Seventh Dwarf: An Artemis Fowl Short Story

These books were written by Eoin Colfer, an Irish author of many books.
The Language in Artemis Fowl
In each of these books, Artemis speaks Gnommish, the first language in all time and the Fairy tongue. Except for the time in this book that he did not manage to get his memories back yet from the mind wipe in the end of Book 3. They are translated into English in the books.



Artemis Fowl Jr., young teenage genius and criminal mastermind, 
former LEP Public Enemy Number One, 14 years old

Captain Holly Short, first female LEP Officer, 82 years old

Foaly the Centaur, LEP Technical Consultant and friend to 
Artemis, Holly, and Root, Unknown age

Former Commander Julius Root, LEP's youngest full commander, 
502 years old

Opal Koboi, pixie genius, owner of Koboi Labs, LEP Public
Enemy Number One

Domovoi Butler, A.K.A. Butler, bodyguard and old friend of Artemis 
and 3rd most trained martial art user

Commander Ark Sool, a gnome who has no love for Julius Root, 
Holly and Foaly as much as he hates humans, especially Artemis and Butler

Mulch Diggums, tunnel dwarf who has helped Artemis on similar 
occasions, such as this one, and is Former Public Enemy
Number One and current Private Investigator
of Short and Diggums: Private

Mervall and Descant Brill, A.K.A. Merv and Scant, hard-working pixie twins 
who work for Opal Koboi

Artemis Fowl Sr., Artemis' father, former criminal mastermind

Angeline Fowl, Artemis' mother and environmentalist

Private Chix Verbil, friend of Holly and owes her his life for 
saving his

Plot, Setting, and Summary

The J. Argon Clinic, Haven City, The Lower Elements; Three Months Earlier

The J. Argon Clinic was currently occupied with the Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance's (Commonly known as the LEPRecon or the LEP.) Public Enemy Number One, the one and only Opal Koboi, living as a high-security prisoner behind laser bars for leading the Bwa' Kell goblin gang in a revolt against the LEP, that is, if she wakes up from her catatonic state. Dr. Jerbal Argon, a certified medical doctor, psychologist of the Psych Brotherhood, and owner of the J. Argon Clinic, personally took care of Opal, with hi-tech medical and security gadgets, like a personal code, and a gel harness that reacts to body movements, thanks to Foaly. But Opal was not exactly asleep or awake, just somewhere in between. She had induced a cleansing coma, where a fairy could spend the sleep time thinking, or in Opal's case, plotting. Recently, twin pixie janitors, Mervall and Descant Brill, known as Merv and Scant, whom are (Surprise, surprise!) still loyal to their boss, Opal herself, were hired at the clinic. At their janitor's trolley, there was a false bottom containing a perfect copy of Opal, a clone (Soon to be known as Nopal.) who resembled Opal in a coma, a perfect replica which would fool the DNA scanners, and a screen which hacked the security cameras of the J. Argon Clinic.

The J. Argon Clinic, Haven City, The Lower Elements; Present Day

Opal escaped without a trace at night, and had a specifically modified pituitary gland implanted in her upper neck, and had her ears rounded (All fairies [I think,] have pointed ears.) , therefore transforming herself from a pixie to a human. Meanwhile, Commander Julius Root and Captain Holly Short, are tracking down a escaped goblin prisoner Bwa' Kell General Scaalene. They find him in chute E37, with a communicator strapped on to his chest, Scalene talks for a bit, revealing him to be Opal Koboi with a disguised voice, then she remotely shuts the chute doors and strapped the communicator on to Commander Root's chest then revealing it to be a bomb. Holly desperately asks how to stop the bomb, Opal lied that she has to hit a certain part of the bomb using her gun, and activates the bomb. Holly flees to Germany, to save Artemis and Butler.

Munich, Germany; Present Day

Artemis finally has achieved the goal of his dreams, stealing the priceless masterpiece, The Fairy Thief, which depicts a fairy making the act of stealing a child. He examines the painting at the Kronski Hotel, to see whether it is real or not. Butler, Artemis' bodyguard, spots the biological bomb, a bomb which destroys only living things, or bio-bomb, as it is called by the LEP, shot by Koboi in her shuttle in the form of a missile. Butler saves Artemis by grabbing the hotel bed, (It was king sized.) and jumps of the balcony. Holly arrives gets chased by the bio-bomb, gets Artemis, and goes to a nearby chameleon pod, or cham pod, for short.

In A So-called Patch Of Air Over Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland; Present Day

Artemis woke up in the cham pod to see a girl on an inflatable bench crying. He said, "Why are you crying, girl?". The girl, Holly, (For of course it was her) lifted her head and dried her tears. Artemis asked if her pointed ears were prosthetic or real, and Holly said they were real. Artemis asked if she was a fairy, and she said she was an elf, and told him everything about the Fairy People and the adventures they had, leaving nothing out. Artemis decided to inform Butler about what was happening, so called Fowl Manor, and left a message, and the arrival of Opal at the pod was recorded, and Opal spilled the beans about the Eleven Wonders and something to do with trolls. Butler survived and had gone home and heard the recording via his phone and heard everything while driving home on the Fowl Bentley to the manor. He finds Mulch Diggums there, raiding the fridge (As usual for a tunnel dwarf), and the house (As usual for a kleptomaniac tunnel dwarf).

Fowl Manor, Dublin, Ireland

Mulch had given Butler a video diary of Artemis, so Butler found a video that said view me first. Butler saw Artemis sitting on the table. so, he jogged Butler's recall by saying his First name, only two people knew them. So Artemis said one word: Domovoi. So saying his first name triggered recall, so Butler and Mulch mad a plan to rescue Artemis. They went to the Tara Shuttleport, known as E1, and convinced Chix Verbil to give him the starter chip for his shuttle, and he picked up Butler at their agreed rendezvous point and were chased around by LEP uni-pods for a while, then they were on their way to rescue Artemis and Holly from  the Eleven Wonders Theme Park, or should I say, Troll Park?


What I think about this book

I like it! Trolls, Eleven Wonders, shuttles, cham pods, quite a lot of tech you got there, Foaly! Read ahead boys and girls, it's cool! Download the Artemis Fowl Series as ebooks or buy the real books! I've grown smart thanks to books, and you can, too! Remember! Reading is a what? It's a source of knowledge! Thank you for  reading this post. Whew, this writing gig is hard!


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