Book Report: Artemis Fowl Book 3: The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer

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I am doing my first book report about
Artemis Fowl Book 3: The Eternity Code.
The Artemis Fowl Series is a current bestselling series on New York Times. The Artemis Fowl Series is a fantasy-sci-fi-action series that consists of eight books.
List of Artemis Fowl Books
Book 1. Artemis Fowl
Book 2. Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident
Book 3. Artemis Fowl and The Eternity Code (This is the book I am doing a report on now.)
Book 4. Artemis Fowl and The Opal Deception
Book 5. Artemis Fowl and The Lost Colony
Book 6. Artemis Fowl and The Time Paradox
Book . Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex
Book 8. Artemis Fowl and The Last Guardian
The Artemis Fowl Files
The Seventh Dwarf: An Artemis Fowl Short Story
These books was written by Eoin Colfer, an Irish author of many books.
The Language in Artemis Fowl
In each of these books, Artemis speaks Gnommish, the first launguage in all time and the Fairy tongue. (Except for the time in Book 4 that he did not manage to get his memories back yet from the mind wipe in the end of this book.) They are translated into English in the books.
Plot, Summary, and Setting

The Narrator here is Eoin Colfer himself, of course. The first setting is in En Fin, a seafood restaurant in Knightsbridge, London. The second setting is in LEP Headquarters, Haven City, Lower Elements. Artemis is about to bargain his C Cube, a cube built from pirated fairy level technology microchips, sensors, hacking devices such as code breakers, an omnisensor and whatnot technology that is decades advanced for Mud Men, as the Fairy People call us humans, from making C Cubes for ourselves.
 But as for Foaly, a centaur and technical consultant of Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance or LEPrecon, as they call it, (The LEP claim that the word 'leprechaun' came from their acronym.) and the other LEP 'techies' as Commander Julius Root or 'Beetroot' as the other LEP officers call him (Because he has a short temper) have that advanced technology.
Artemis is planning to bargain 1 metric ton of gold for his C Cube, with Jon Spiro, a very rich, dangerous, criminal, American, (As you see here, Artemis is a born Irish citizen.) and successful businessman, but the trade goes terribly wrong when Jon heard that Artemis was going to bargain it for that much money, instead of the regular millions or billions of dollars.
Jon's bodyguard, Arno Blunt, and every customer in En Fin, turned on Artemis and Butler with guns. Suddenly, Arno shoots Artemis, or Butler, who deliberately was blocking the bullet, as professional bodyguards always do. The bullet was either strong, wrapped in Teflon for more strength and less air friction, or fast enough to punch through Butler's Kelvar bulletproof vest and hitting him fatally right under the heart. Butler, saying his supposedly "last" words, revealed his first name, Domovoi, something that was completely prohibited by bodyguard rules . . . . unless it was too late to matter. Artemis uses cyrogenics, a form of medical preservation to stop a person or thing's passage through time.
Artemis buys a medical cyrogenic pod to perserve Domovoi, for a longer time and uses the pods phone to interrupt Foaly's security monitors by saying a line of fairy-related words on the phone as he was calling the Time Magazine hot crossword line to alert one or more of the centaur's monitoring security "Scopes", as the LEP called their own shielded probes piggybacked on international satellites all over the world. The words are People, LEP, magic, Haven, shuttleports, sprites, B'wa Kell, (A goblin criminal gang.) trolls, time stop, Recon, Atlantis. So Holly Short, A LEP Captain and officer and friend of Artemis, flew shielded over to Domovoi Butler's cyro pod, and discovered that aertemis made the call to alert them and make Holly go there the heal the giant Eurasian Butler using her Neutrino 2000 and healed him.

What I Think About Artemis Fowl Book 3:
The Eternity Code
This book is, of course, wonderful! Hacking devices, omnisensors, code breakers, tough polymer outer casing? Artificial wings, magical vibration shields, probes, and lots of more advanced technology??  You ask me, I'll tell you, like, way way past cool! Who knows? Self-destructing helmets, living natural sweepers implanted in bugs, maybe even electronic remotely controlled handcuffs, even laser guns? Sweet! Maybe there'll be some dwarfs tunneling out there.
Thank you for reading this blog post! I haven't blogged in a while, you know? Bye!
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