Book Report: The Prayer of Jabez for Kids

Hi! Book report here again.  
This book is for kids who are learning and want
to learn how to pray.

 Prayer of Jabez (JAY-behz) Book Set

Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life
Prayer of Jabez Audiobook
Prayer of Jabez for Kids
Prayer of Jabez for Teens
Prayer of Jabez Bible Study with Leader's Guide
Prayer of Jabez Bible Study
Prayer of Jabez Journal
Prayer of Jabez Devotional
Prayer of Jabez Gift Edition

These books were written by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, Christian teacher and author.


Setting, Plot, Summary

The narrator is Dr. Wilkinson, of course. The book starts with the author descrbing Jabez, where in the Bible he can be found, which is in I Chronicles 4:9. Jabez's name means pain, whereas he is in a lot of it, too. He prayed that God would keep him from evil, so that he would not cause pain. So God answers his prayer. The author said he prayed Jabez's prayer every day. Dr Bruce says that finding Jabez is like the game Where's Waldo?

 That's because he's hidden beneath the book of  I Chronicles, a "bunch of long, boring lists". His whole story is told, mysteriously right in the middle of the lists. He had a lot of problems because of his name. Imagine yourself being named Bartholomew, and being called Barf-Face for short by some mean kid. Anyway, Jabez faced his problems head-on.

Imagine yourself in a great, awesome, way, way past cool youth camp. there's a cool camp counselor named Mario. (No, he isn't Luigi's brother!) That morning, you found and spied him praying. Then you hear him say, "God I want you to first of all today, please, bless. . . . me!" What a selfish prayer! you think.

 So you go to mess hall and eat your breakfast, thinking, Maybe he has a right to be praying like that. He's older than any of us, and he's a camp counselor. So anyway, Jabez did not know why he was named Pain, so maybe the bullies picked on him and the girls ran from him.

 ( Hey, what? it might have been.) Jabez were like the two boys, Mahlon and Chilion, from the Bible. meaning "puny" and "pining", and the two died young. So, basically, at that time, your name could make you or bake you. And, obviously, Jabez or anybody didn't like to be pure pain walking around or dying young.


What I think about the Prayer of Jabez

Honestly, this book from fifteen years ago can still be learned from. This book is impressive for a book that's from 2000. Parents, if you can still buy this book, buy it for your children. They will learn that reading is good, and no matter what their names are, God loves them. And that they will be able to spend some time off their IPad. Thank you very much for reading this blog post. I really appreciate it.


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