Dinner at Yoshinoya

Hello, it has been a long since I last blogged. Last night I went with Mama and Papa to the Yoshinoya food event and then I was playing with the Water Game that I borrowed from Tita Earth’s daughter. I was trying to win and I won, I was able to form a triangle because I like that game. It was so fun playing it and I showed papa how easy it was to make a triangle. And then later I gave it right back and then I borrowed it again and then when we were gonna leave, I gave it back to Tita Earth.

This is the food that I ate last night. Mama said it is called Japanese Fried Chicken and I liked it a lot.I always want to each fried chicken.I stopped playing when I started eating.

Mama and Papa also ordered this Chicken Teriyaki bowl for me. It was yummy! It has corn and vegetables also. It tastes really good.

This is what I had for dessert. Mama said it is called Chocolate Mousse. It was super yummy! :-)


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