Our Vietnam Trip

This is Thien Xuan Hotel  in Vietnam (picture above) at Ho Chi Minh city it is nice, very NICE! A place to sleep, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and rest. Here I am eating breakfast (picture below) with my lolo lola and mama But my papa is getting food because it is a buffet and we already got our food.


And here we are, I was about to use the other computer in the hotel's business center. But we had our picture taken first (picture below). Mama didn't allow me to use the computer so we went somewhere else. We had a long walk all the way to some where. I think it was the Reunification Palace.  

Then after we went to the Reunification Palace, we went to the War Remnants Museum. We saw several bombs and the vehicles, helicopters, jets, boats and tanks that were used during the war. It was a very historical place. 

To be continued....


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