Playtime with my Friends

Hello, this was a few days ago, so I want to tell its story to you. I'm the guy who's in green. My main friends are here in the pictures. First one in bottom picture: the guy who's at my left side is named Matthew. Second in the upper photo: the girl who's wearing orange sleeves and red pajamas is named Abby. We had fun playing that game, Touchball. Touchball is a game when you get to play at the sides to throw the ball at your opponents or get to play at the middle to avoid the ball that your opponents throw to your feet to score and makes you lose a life. We take turns. When all your opponents lose all their lives,  it will be your turn to be in the middle. If your team loses, everyone loses their lives, including yours. Then, it'll be your team's turn to be at the sides. It was a very nice day to have playtime.


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