Book Report: Artemis Fowl Book 6: The Time Paradox

Welcome back guys and today I'm going to do a book report on another
Artemis Fowl Book.

Book 1: Artemis Fowl
Book 2: Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
Book 3: Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
Book 4: Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Book 5: Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
Book 6: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox 
(This is the book I'm doing a report on now.)
Book 7: Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex
Book 8: Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian
The Artemis Fowl Files


The Language in Artemis Fowl
In each of these books, Artemis speaks Gnommish, the first language in all time and the Fairy tongue. Except for the time in Book 3 where he did not manage to get his memories back yet from the mind wipe in the end of Book 3.


Plot, Setting, and Summary

Recon Captain Holly Short is on a mission to fix a sensor of one of the world's oldest Kraken, "Shelley," in the Balitc Sea. Holly finishes the job, not to mention saving four humands, and escaping the shedding of the kraken (very explosive, about enough methane to power a fairy city for a year). Artemis Fowl sends an email to Holly, labeling it URGENT. Holly sends the demon warlock No.1 to meet up with Artemis as No. 1 arrives. Artemis devices a plant to travel back through time to get the extinct silk sifaka lemur to cure Angeline Fowl's magic-induced Spelltropy, contracted through ARtemis' ill-gotten magic while Artemis was trying to erase his mother's memory of his three-year disappearance while saving the eighth fairy race, the demons, from the unraveling time spell of the demon islands Hybras, (long story). So, No.1 reluctantly sends Holly and Artemis through the time stream, each second closer to the ten-year old Artemis Fowl, to intercept his deal with a group called the Extinctionists, to whom, in fourteen-year old Artemis' memory, his ten-year old self sold the lemur.

Holly and Artemis are tranq'd, as Butler said, and were freed by a past Mulch Diggums, for a stupendous amount of money. So they head down to Rathdown park to capture the lemur, and thanks to Mulch's digging talents they make it in a matter of minutes. They accidentally land in a gorilla's cage and they are knocked out. Holly gives Artemis a quick healing but is tranq'd by Butler once again. The lemur escapes Butler and young Artemis, and present Artemis now has the upper hand. Artemis manages to convince the lemur to come to him, but young Artemis tells Butler to draw his tranquilizer gun. Artemis realizes how cruel he was when he was young. He see no choice but to give up the lemur.

They give chase in a stolen LEP shuttle, but then Holly is captured by Butler, and is sold to the Extinctionists for a hundred thousand euros, all in diamonds. Artemis devises a secondary plan in the shuttle. He plans to disguise as as one of the shareholders of the Extinctionists, and traps the Extinctionists' president, Dr. Damon Kronski, in his own argument. Kronski captures Artemis and throws him into the fire pit, but Holly escapes because of young Artemis' scattering of diamonds. Present Artemis is actually still alive because the fires of the pit were mere holograms, and the one fairy who orchestrated this whole thing was the well known melagomaniacal pixie, young Opal Koboi.

She wanted the lemur's brain fluid, also the cure to Spelltropy, to control time itself. Artemis escapes and the trio were headed to Fowl Manor. Opal steals Mulch's memory using her ill- gotten powers, and follows Artemis to the early present and begins to imitate the symptoms of Spelltropy on Angeline Fowl. With the help of his young self, Artemis saves both fairy and human worlds simultaneously from Opal Koboi, and he saved his mother, with a small price to pay, the early shedding of one of the kraken young Opal on the loose, and his mother's realization abot fairies. Artemis told all of his fairy adventures to Angeline, and the fairies didn't mind.

What I Think
About This

All book by Eoin Colfer are awesome, readers out there. I guarantee you, this book is a killer. Sorry for the spoilers. Readers, young and old, cherish your books, love your librarians and booksellers. Non- readers, young and old, give books some value. 


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