Feeding the crocs in Zoobic Safari

Last May 22, Mama and Papa and I and Tita Iris and Tita Iris and Yona went to Zoobic Safari. I was fed the crocs in the zoo. Tito Jonel, the guy beside me was the one who gave me the pole with the chicken on its end.

I was scared at first because they might eat me. But Mama said we're safe because the crocs won't be able to jump where we are standing. They were under the bridge.

I also saw crocs under the stairs. The looked pretty close. Mama took this picture when Papa was feeding one of the crocs. See how hungry they are! They really have big mouths.

Zoobic Safari is located at Group 1 Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport. Open daily from 8AM to 4PM including holidays and weekends.

Zoobic Safari
899.9824 | 895.7142


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