My Birthday Scooter

Hello. This is my birthday scooter and I bought it from Toy Kingdom. Because I like Iron Man scooter in red color. Mama took this picture when the scooter was just taken out of the box.

This is the first time I took the scooter to the garage to play with it. Before this, I was racing with Ninong Ted and I always kept on losing while he rode my wave board and I was riding my bicycle. And then when Ninong wins, I always cry and cry and cry. And Tita Rose and Mama laughed. And I told Mama that it should not be funny. Mama said sorry to me. Mama told me that eventhough I lose it's okay. Winning friends is more important.

This is the time I needed my eyeglasses so I can be like Iron Man. I was wearing my Cars helmet, knee pads and elbow pads that Mama and Papa bought me for my birthday. They will protect me when I'm riding my scooter.

I really like my scooter.


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