My 12th Birthday

Hey guys, FYI, I just turned twelve yesterday! I'm blogging using my brand new Lenovo Ideapad 110, a joint gift of my Uncle Ted, Aunt Roselyn, my Lolo Bay, and my parents. I will tell y'all what it feels like to have a simple but AWESOME 12th birthday.

My day started with my dad surprising me by taking a leave from work. I surmised he would because normally he takes a leave on my birthday AND the car was in the garage. Next, my birthday gifts (two of them, to exact) were on my bed, being my cousin's gift (a solar robot) and my mom and dad's gift (a VCUBE 3). My parents also said they'd deposit some money into my savings account (as a gift)!

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Our breakfast was scrambled eggs with a twist. Rice, buttered toast, and semi-molten cheese were on the side. Woot! I checked my FB timeline and saw the a TON of posts were coming in. Ok, maybe around fifty.

For lunch, my parents and my grandfather went to Beefalo by Hot Rocks

Two orders of the special Sizzling Beef Ribs in Tangy Tamarind Gravyone Porterhouse Steak, Jars of Monkey for dessert, and lemonade. I even got a Dulce de Leche cake!

My all-time favorite Beffalo Porterhouse Steak (medium)

My Dulce de Leche cake Birthday Cake!

Filling, affordable, yet priceless! 

Next up, we went to Best Value Factory Outlet, to buy ingredients for my mom's extra special buffalo wings. Don't even ask me how extravagant they taste. I have no idea how to put it into words. Ironic, right? We had buffalo wings and onion rings (I call 'em buffalo rings & onion wings) for dinner.

Last night, around 6:45, me and my dad went to my aunt and uncle's (they live, like three blocks away, so we just walked), and brought my aunt buffalo wings for her baon. Then she gave me the money (she told me that she and Uncle Ted would give the rest of the money to buy this laptop) in cash! I didn't waste a sec. Me and my folks went to the mall quickly and bought this laptop. We set it up at home and bam! The day was done. 

This laptop means a lot to me because ever since my old, rickety Dell laptop, a hand-me down from my Ninang  Ana (thank you, Ninang!) broke down. I was writing Book 2 of the Chronicles of the Plantoids, and I got stuck at Chapter 5 because of that. I had nothing to use. Taking this opportunity right here to plug my book. In case it interests you, it's only $0.99 on Amazon! :) 

Delayed gratification works, trust me. I spent months without going to Timezone to play Wangan Midnight 3DX+, to save up for this. Anyways, I would like to thank my Aunt Rose and Uncle Ted, Lolo Bay, and my parents for chipping in the deficit. And last but not least, the Lord our God, for this, because every good and perfect gift is from Him!

It comes with a waterproof laptop backpack too! 

Thank you Lord!

That's all for today, everybody! Thanks for your time! Happy reading!


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