Book Report: Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

Hey everyone! I'm doing another book report on Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony. Anyways, hope you find what you're looking for in this book! 

The story starts in Limbo, where the demon family of fairies resides. A certain imp (Imps are the demons before adolescence. They warp into regular demons, but the warlocks never warp.) called Number One, who, at the age of sixteen, still hadn't warped. (There were no more warlocks since the demons' transition form earth to Limbo, so all the demons on their island, Hybras, were all warpers.) Number One was the oldest among those who hadn't warped yet. It was a regular day, and he went to imp school, being bullied by his younger classmates (If that's possible, everything else is). Then Leon Abbot, the leader of the demons, gave the students a surprise visit, and made them all warp, except Number One. Leon then suggested that Number One go to the volcano (It was a volcano used to power a wormhole to get Hybras from here to Limbo.) to go back to Earth and warp while he was there. Leon uses some form of mesmer, which requires magic (non-warlock demons had no magic, and Leon himself said he ha d already warped).

 The scene shifts to Artemis, who is waiting for a demon appearance somewhere in Barcelona, Spain. A random demon appeared and took Artemis on a time-hopping journey. Butler hold him back because he was wearing silver, an anchor of time.

 Next, Holly Short, resigned from the fairy police department, is chasing a notorious fish-smuggling pixie named Doodah Day, along with her partner Mulch Diggums, now with a clean slate, as private investigators. They capture him but are herded in by Section Eight, an elite police department unknown to most of the LEP. They're led to their headquarters by LEP Commander Raine Vinyaya, also revealing Section Eight's technical advisor to be old friend Foaly. They debate on how Artemis saved the fairy folk by jamming all type of electronics in his radius. Section Eight then reactivates Holly as a full captain of LEP and Section Eight. Holly is then sent to Artemis to find out how he predicts the appearances so accurately.

Artemis and company (now including Holly) then go to the Massimo Bellini Opera House, where they find another genius girl named Minerva Paradizo who has also found out the existence of fairies and manages to capture Number One as he appears onstage. The trio call on Foaly and Mulch Diggums for help and where to find the Paradizos. Foaly then locates the Paradizo residence, Chateau Paradizo to rescue Number One. Mulch Diggums also recruits Doodah Day for the mission. They do manage to rescue Number One, but Minerva is taken hostage by Billy Kong, her bodyguard, so that he can get revenge on demons, because his older brother died by a gang fight, but lied that they were demons. 

Artemis is able to do two things at once: rescue the demon fairy family, and save Minerva from the hands of Billy Kong. And a bonus: Billy Kong is arrested due to a murder conviction under his real name: Jonah Lee. Artemis, Number One, a revived demon warlock, Qwan, and Holly head to Hybras to save it from the disintegrating time spell that keeps Hybras in Limbo. Leon Abbot is revealed to have magic, stolen from the warlock demon Qweffor, whose consciousness was trapped in Leon's body. They get all demons back into Haven city, but they're three years into the future from when they left. Artemis is revealed to be a big brother to twins!

What I think about this book:

This book shows the beginning of Artemis' transition from criminal mastermind to a hero. He becomes a true hero in Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian. Read more about it here! I say the message of this book is no matter how hopeless someone may seem, every cloud has a silver lining.


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